Democrat Party Machine Smoke and Fire

The new charges by Special Investigator Mueller against Paul Manafort concerning witness tampering are more of the same sort of thing that is interesting yet seem more like a fishing expedition than else. That is there should be some real and substantive charges about the actual premise of the investigation rather than such as are friction about the investigation.

I would think that if S.I. Mueller investigated any random selection of Wall Street execs well enough he could find some chargeable offenses. That might apply to many tax returns of the top income earners of the nation as well. Though people should be as truthful as boy scouts in government and enterprise sadly they are not usually that meritorious.

If Hillary Clinton had won the election it is doubtful that a special investigator would have been appointed though obviously won should for a world of reasons. S.I. Mueller needs to do a credible job but there wasn’t a solid causus beli for the investigator’s office to start with; there wasn’t a crime that required investigation. Instead the Democrat Party losers were clamoring for an intifada and way to attack or even reverse the election result. Harassing the President or finding some way to impeach his election effectively was the purpose of the Russian collusion lie; as if the Democrat Party are stalwart anti-Russians since Russia is no longer dominated by the communist party of the Soviet Union.

Back in the day the reds were the communists and associated with the Democrat extreme left. Now the media have labeled the conservative right as the reds because they are not communist. The true blue anti-Russian, anti-free enterprise Democrat Party has Special Investigator Mueller to help with a McCarthyite role of unAmerican activities, yet it really makes the nation seem like a farcical banana republic kind of place.