Nothing Much Farther (a poem)

Nothing Much Farther

  Premises of a Universe with bases of fortitude

places and scenes of verdant life

the best kind of day job

with a star in the night sky lighting the darkness

water separated from those on Earths and in skies

ranging across the Ultima Thules of everywhere

colors quarkordinated

at the edge of borders with Hilbert space

content in coordinates so meaningful

with lines in three dimensions

of inertial frame increments of motion and distance

changed with a gravity of particles

entangled into freeze framed catalysis

where virtual particles change balances in nothingness

to something more than before

disappearing with entropy-wrenched information

storage huts fading away in time while worlds rise

glaring for perceptible beings-in-themselves

experiencing sounds and tastes of toilets,

dogs lapping from pools of h2o

poised for flushing

the mundane rests amidst the miraculous.