Will Pres Trump Invite the Eagles (Rock Band) to Visit White House?

The NFL Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles don’t want to visit the White House. They have commitments to take a knew someplace I guess, or at least knee-taking practice. So the President rather lamely rescinded their invitation to darken the doors of the White House. Though Glen Frey died in 2015 it is possible that the Eagles rock band would reunite to play a couple of their hit songs from the 1970s (with a guest to take Glen Frey’s place) on the White House lawn on the 4th of July.

Fundamentally, knee-taking should be left for prayer and special half-time drill teams that have pom-poms and tall marching band hats. Amateur knee-taking by pros in other fields often seem rather silly and pretentious. Millionaires taking knees while the poor of democracy try to stand tall.