Subdividing the Hotel California

A proposal to split California into three states has reached the ballot. Plainly California is a leftist entity and a rotting place unto-itself politically. It would be far better off with three states more able to distinguish themselves from, and compete politically with, themselves in order to find a better place in the sun.

Though it is unlikely that Californians would have the initiative to create three states instead of the present giant, unwieldy malfunctioning neon-leftist pseudo-nation since people usually are pacific and like to ride the inertial bureaucratic waves until they break, plainly it would be a good thing i it did.

The three states would need to go through a period of federal control as territories before petitioning to join the union. Probably the Congress would vote to admit at least one or two of the territories into the union.

The billionaire spoored initiative to dump the vast right-wing prisons into states other than the southern coastal counties that would keep the name California, obviously is a good idea to benefit Hollywood and Beverly Hills residents. Initiative arises from the most unexpected sources.