Separating Adult Crims from Kids May Discourage Illegal Immigration

President Trump’s policy of separating adult criminals leading their families illegally across the border into the United States may discourage families from attempting illegal entry into the U.S.A. I suppose one would need to view statistics on the policy after a few months to see if it is working.

The stats would tell many interesting facts about illegal aliens; are those willing to have their families separated more inclined to try criminal entry into a nation than those that consider family more important than money and choose to remain south of the border?

Without question minor children taking into federal custody should be put on a progressive and intensive educational program with computer learning modules while idling away the time waiting for their parent or parents to be adjudicated and returned south or given asylum. Democrat Party hysteria on the issue won’t help.

Illegal alien law breakers should be given equal protection of the law with citizens. If citizen families that commit crimes together may be incarcerated together, so should illegal alien law breaking families (even the Cliintons if they had been convicted of anything).

image credit: U.S. Government