US Gov Flies Violent Illegal Aliens on Gulfstream IVs

While President Trump may not go so far as to establish illegal alien family reconciliation centers across the border with air conditioning, cable T.V,  and jacuzzi, Homeland Security apparently does spend public money buying air tickets for illegal aliens while some Americans can never afford to fly. 

There must be a cheaper way for the Federal Govenment to repatriate those in federal custody to their homelands than to buy commercial airline tickets and once more kicking back to the 1% that own them.

Homeland security should have a fleet of a few discarded air force jets of its own, operated by the Air Force or Forceplanes leased to Error America, as a bus service to get those people home quickly, cheaply and with a good sack lunch and Seattle’s Best coffee or orange juice.

ICE charters aircraft, and should not. It ought to fly its own and when aircraft are needed, returned to the Air Force

Ice Air

Gulfstream IV’s are used to transport violent offenders. Violence in that case promotes to first class.