Office of the Inquistor Should Look Into French and Swedish Collusion

Shouldn’t The Mueller Investigations Unlimited Team be expanded to include research into French national collusion to elect Democrat Presidential candidates including Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Was it purely circumstance that President Bamako was so swiftly given a Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishing virtually nothing early in his term? And what about English collusion to get a subject of her majesty’s government elected to the White House? Wasn’t the Bill Clinton grooming by the Oxford selection committee intended to place a minion in top U.S. leadership for kickback and control purpose?

What about Obamus Coronatus– the ancient sea creature named for former President Obama; another incident of collusion to elect a king by elites? That fossil is hard evidence.

Foreign control of the American government may be too easy when the people’s party of Democrats is more of a foreign collusion device these days for globalist control of the U.S.A. and American foreign policy. Fundamentally the goal is to eradicate the native middle class and stifle the economic power it has and replace it was second and third worlders, tunnel-visioned women willing to attack the government and execute foreign interests and transform America into a nation of dupes enriching the global 1%ers that increasingly own everything on Earth. It’s too easy when one’s nationalism is broken, to move toward limitless vistas of dystopian scenarios.

The Democrat Party ought rightly be renamed the Party of Collusion with Foreign Governments and Persons of Interest.