EPA Inefficiency at Protecting Environment

Methane is a radical greenhouse gas leaking into the atmosphere from sloppy, dirty, unconcerned resource and fossil fuel managers nationally and worldwide.The EPA may underestimate methane leaks by 60%.


With such a bad example by the American energy industry it is likely that places like Africa and Russia have even lower standards of caution. Antarctica is melting 3x faster than was believed until recently, and much of Russia is under 200 feet of elevation above sea level. People really should care more and just insulate better, use more geothermal and solar power quickly. It would also be a good idea to put power line for electric car charging in highways fairly soon to expedite the termination of fossil fuel vehicle use.


President Trump probably could assure re-election on the environmental issue alone if he were to take a leading conservationist stance to restore the ecosphere and eliminate fossil fuel use and point sources of other greenhouse gasses. Voters that find the Democrat Party morality and anti-Americanism onerous would like an alternative platform candidate that doesn’t have neo-suicidal  ecospheric policy