Iraq via Jordan Should Accept Dera Civilians

The Syrian government attack on Dera (a city and region) with Russian air support has the potential to conclude the southern part of the war. The United States has said it won’t support the rebel’s last enclave in that part of the nation (it has a lot of ISIS and Al Qaeda personnel there in addition to misc rebels and 800,000 civilians. Al Jeezera article on the topic

CIA Factbook image of Syria and Dara

The United States should work with Jordan to provide logistics for possible civilian refugees that can’t remain in Jordan should they flee there, and to truck them to refugee camps in Iraq. Iraq should be able to provide intermediate range support for their Sunni brothers and sisters.

Kurds should be part of any sort of long-term peaceful stabilization of Syria such that they have a portion of Syria annexed onto their semi-autonomous Iraqi confederation. Iraq has a confederation of ethnic and sectarian people can become more of a central stabilizing influence and buffer to the extremists puritanical tribes and religious sects of the Middle East.