Saving the Ecosphere One Laker at a Time


The NBA champion San Francisco Warriors were not the only NBA team with a black majority that were motivated by racism to insult the President of the United States and the usual invitation to the White House to celebrate their victory. LeBron James also supported the protest of a white man in the White House movement that followed of course, the exit of a black President from office. The NBA is overwhelmingly a black league; the game lends itself to racial preferences because of the few and odd numbers, and discrimination by whites against blacks is politically unfavored these days, so blacks have the court power largely to themselves.

Though James is a damaged item after his public racism against the white President (well, some Democrats called him somewhat orange during the 2016 campaign and Inspector Mueller should look in to that), his fate is still interesting; will he go to the Lakers with a great young front court pair of guards an be the old man, or not? If the Lakers can find one additional star to go with James somewhere, the Lakers may be able to win a championship. Even if they can’t, the team personnel would be rather fascinating to watch as they would have more personality than the robotic Warriors with a star guard who looks like he wears a pacifier (there are more fashionable teeth guards available such as most players use).

LeBron James should take a good look at reports from the White House and the way Presidents have conducted themselves and consider if they are treated fairly by the media. The Starr Report on Bill Clinton said that on numerous occasions he “kissed and fondled the breasts” of a woman other than his wife in the Oval Office. If Donald Trump had done that in office would the media treat him with equal kindness?

LeBron James could be a moral agent of good influence if he works diligently at comprehending that President Trump needs to serve all Americans. Black Americans politically don’t seem in the public political arena to care about anything besides racial issues. What about eliminating public debt, securing the borders against illegal immigration and increasing taxes on the rich in order to pay off the public debt?

Lebron James should be a leader in ecosphere protection and no-net-loss of ecosphere habitat. A strong push needs to develop to stop loss of species as there is a great mass extinction going on. The public and especially there political leaders are in some ways largely stupid about the need to change the economy from one that consumes and destroys the ecosphere to one that is more in a symbiotic relationship with it. With some thought beyond the black species political self-interests against other species, James could coalesce leadership of all species (comparing races to species as if they were on equal footing with all of the animal species being destroyed while humans over consume, over-drive fossil fuel cars,build highways and eliminate ecospheric health and sustainability).