Dictatorship May Take Over When Democracy Fails Eco-Reform


Simple historical logic indicates that dictatorship will follow the inability of Democracy to manage ecospheric resources while mass species extinction and habitat degradation continue, on a line to catastrophic transition. Fundamentally human society can’t reboot building, zoning, land use and economics such that modern technology and vast billions of souls can cohabit the Earth with a healthy ecosphere. It will become self-evident in time that coercive social control; dictatorship either by the proletariat or individual (s), is necessary to allow life on Earth to continue.

Democracy is good and creating use-truths that make the insiders feel good about what they do (re: Sartre Critique of Dialectical Reason) and yet disregards the empirical ecospheric facts of decay. The world needs to be redesigned to be something park-life with national areas remaining for some time; a couple of centuries during transition. The park point of view would keep wild areas thriving and full of progressive wildlife free to evolve and adapt to so far as possible while human designs let billions live with minimal impact on the ecosphere while yet comfortable and free to have private property consumer items.

Much can be written about how to design an optimal from what is left ecosphere for human and wild life on Earth. It may be a waste of time in the sense that power and corruption promotes different values. That is why politically speaking a building ecospheric catastrophe will most likely generate dictatorships disgusted with the inability of humanity to upgrade and reform its way of planetary life.

President Trump could at least help restore salmon fishing to coastal regions of the North Pacific by working with northern leaders and especially Vladimir Putin to stop altogether mid-ocean commercial salmon fishing that destroys salmon before they can return to spawn in native habitats.