End Times Timing

People often get end times (eschatology) wrong. The Biblical apocalypse happened in the 1st century a.d. as Jesus said it would. Jerusalem was destroyed, disciples and Christians killed and scattered etc. Jesus appeared the second time at Pentecost during the time of the lives of that generation living when he was crucified as he foretold. The age of the gentiles will continue until it is fulfilled-when they are too dumb to find a way forward, then Jesus will return to wrap up the Earth and Universe…could be the next time a Democrat is elected President or in 30,000 years more or less (whenever the gentiles need adult supervision from God to not create hell on Earth for-themselves).

image credit: The Fall of the Rebel Angels-Bruegel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Fall of the Rebel Angels - RMFAB 584 (derivative work).jpg