Shouldn’t Mueller Look into Democrat Party Chinese Connections Too

While former FBI Director Mueller is investigating vague, amorphous connections between Donald Trump and Russian campaign helpers shouldn’t Special Investigator Mueller examine the connections between Barrack Obama, the Clintons and the Communist Chinese Government? 

U.S. business is rife with Chinese connections; even saturated. President Obama was/is good buddies with heavy investor in China Warren Buffet who probably knows his way around Beijing and its bureaucracy quite well. Then there is obvious the Apple connection with it’s vast investments in Chinese production. Apple personnel probably contribute a lot to the Democratic Party candidates. Favors could be traded, money going into campaign support, campaign ads and maybe Facebook blurbs. The power of Facebook to influence American and maybe world elections shouldn’t be misunderestimated. Wait a minute; does Mark Zuckerberg have Chicom connections (elites globally respect wealth and tend to want as much as is reasonable given their position).