Pres Trump Can Save Money Skipping London

President Trump apparently must make a trip to England as a kind of Presidential duty. Somehow with his knowledge of the place he has managed to avoid going to London. I visited England in 1987 and flew aboard a PanAM flight that cut over a bit of Scotland on the way to Heathrow. Iceland is really the feature attraction of flying to England. After Iceland it’s all downhill in a land without glaciers. It was late November and I stayed in London a night. There really isn’t anything in London that one who has visited Des Moine Iowa would miss.

The British Museum of Science is there and it is kind of neat. There is a moving sidewalk around outside of it that lets one walk very briskly. The Tower of London has a nice weapons collection in the basement and there is a good fish and chips vendor on the street some distance away.  That’s about it. London has a lot of people, subways with deep escalator rides that lose novelty quickly, yet it’s a good place to rent a car and drive to Lands End or Liverpool to catch a boat to Ireland.