Teleology Flowed Through the Roman Empire

Ceasar’s conquest of Gaul was a necessary historical progression. Transalpine Gaul became a vast producer of produce for Rome in addition to other considerations. In a way it was necessary for Rome to conquer Gaul after the invasions from northerners that Caesar’s uncle Marius thwarted (he buried 150,000 at Marseilles and the fields were said to be rich with fertilizer for produce).

Gaul was colonized by upper class Romans that enjoyed vast estates. They had too enjoyable of a lifestyle and it was somewhat rotted from within. It is worth recollecting that it was the Huns and their speed of light comparatively speaking cavalry that showed the way to end the Roman Empire. The Legions couldn’t move as quickly, and were corrupted with foreign recruits. Rome had a kind of natural lifestyle and ended rather naturally. It was a bridge nation between old civilizations and the new Europe and became a vehicle for the dissemination of Christianity. Really quite remarkable. A divine plan.