First Soy Sale Begins With a Thousand New Products


Soy bean farmers should get tough and creative instead of complaining about how much they miss selling their crop sales to the Chinese Communists. The communists choose to eschew the marvelous protein-rich bean as a negotiating tactic. That choice should provide opportunities for farmers to sell their crops to new locales where it has never gone before. They might also invent a new product that would preserve the beans far beyond their annual expiration date.

Some sort of soy-protein mint-flavored energy bars might be right. Soy protein and apple and apricots such as applets and cotlets are made of might be a popular product in protein deficient regions of the world. Soy and fruit together in a sugar-beet powdered sugar-coated mint bar could supply needed nutrition for people in Nepal or Tibet (or are the communists intimidating those areas still?). India might a market that could use non-perishable products that are very low cost, nutritious and cheap.

Quality non-animal protein food sources are just not dumped. I recall one winter scrapping muscles off beach boulders for protein and their wasn’t much to the things. Not every place on Earth has lots of protein even at dollar stores that are affordable or even existent.