Novichok is An Affordable WMD

The nerve agent Novichok recently used in London is eight times more powerful than the three strongest previously mass-produced nerve agents GA, GB and VX. Novichok has a greater danger in that it can be made into a solid form as powder. It is thus a persistent nerve agent unlike the liquids and gases that etherialize into disappearance in the warm sunshine. 

Iran has made five varieties of Novichok and several western nations have made a batch for ‘research’ purposes. Plainly the U.N. is remiss if it hasn’t already voted to outlaw Novichok and invention of any more persistent nerve agents.

Speculation regarding the source of the attacks in the U.K. continues. Of course the source was most likely a state agent though it might be possible for a prosperous chemist to manufacture the item secretly. Even more important than the attacks is the fact that it brings publicity to a very dangerous weapon of mass destruction that can be placed upwind of high population density civil areas to create hundreds of thousands or millions of deaths.

Plainly Novichok should get some serious attention until it is eradicated.