You Have the Right to Read What Corporate News Feeds You

Allowing readers to choose what news sources they have on a news aggreegator page used to be standard. Google news still allows a reader to ‘hide’ news sources yet I have found that doesn’t work worth a damn. I have tried to get rid of the Washington Post, CNN and NPR for weeks and so Google news led off with three Washington Post stories and more content from CNN and NPR continues to appear.

Imagine going to a library and discovering that the library staff chose the books you may read. News aggregator pages present a lot of bs and entertainment yet just don’t allow smart choices of news sources. The Internet at a bulk level has made news fundamentally, a propaganda and control device for the rich.

I checked out several specialized news aggregator pages and they are basically bull too. Google reader used to work fine, yet it was closed down years ago.

The Internet is becoming less useful and more time wasting in the tradition of MSN… Why does MSN need three pages (Bing, Edge) and none that allow intelligent personal choice of news sources?. People should not be forced to choose to be dumb and have idiots choose their news sources for them nor spend hours researching where a news aggregator that doesn’t want to manage your FB page is..