If Playing Stockfish; Take Down the Knights

I started learning chess in 2012. I noticed that knights are the most important pieces that need to be eliminated when a novice is playing someone much higher ranked. Stockfish the chess engine and candidate masters use them to make a mockery of the novice. Bishops fundamentally are assassins used to kill the knights.

That being said, it is fun to control the diagonals with bishops and even checkmate such as So did vs. Kramnik in a famous game. Vlad studied the board 15, 20 minutes before resigning.

In blitz chess tournaments players rated 500 points better just know the algorithms for openings too well and hop the d__mn knights around eventually killing off one’s nice calculated position for mating with bishops.

If playing Stockfish the game will last longer if you take fish’s knights off the board.

If one is playing against an opponent rated two or three hundred points higher, its practical. Usually I like to keep my bishops too. The trouble is that novices can’t calculate knight movements easily-especially in blitz time control. It is easier to calculate pawn, bishop and rook, movements for novices. Against Stockfish or a player hundreds of points better one should take away that supremacy and force them to an endgame that’s unbalanced