Justice Department Should Go After Lima Bean Haters

A man charged with a federal hate crime for harassing a women wearing a Puerto Rico shirt shows the idiocy of the federal hate crimes law. If the man was perpetrating some sort of crime of assault then he should have been charged with that- yet federal hate crimes for being a partisan against a symbol? If he had harassed someone from Vermont that wouldn’t have been a hate crime?  

The man harassing the women  in the video is probably perping a misdemeanor of some sort and even disorderly conduct. People harass people a lot. I was harassed by several hispanics from Chicago to Ashville N.C. riding a bus. In England while sitting in a rural restaurant a pair of guys started harassing me and wouldn’t stop until I took out a sharp lock blade knife to clean the dirt under my fingernails. People use words much to harass strangers for whatever reason. It’s hateful but is that a federal felony crime? Criminal offenses should be crimes if perped against anyone regardless of race, national or state origin, religion or personal sexual behavior (that isn’t already a crime). If one wants to hate Boston for trading dumping Babe Ruth like a turd, can’t they without looking over their shoulder for the G-men?


Laws are supposed to be objective and apply to all people that perp some objective activity. Hate crimes fails that standard royally because politics decides which symbols are protected. A complete list of protected symbols needs to be published on the Internet and updated regularly so people can hate a chance to experimentally hate them and argue about the hate-worthiness of federally protected symbols. Maybe the EPA and Justice could get that done together.

If one wears an Uncle Sam shirt and is white in some parts of America that could be dangerous. People react to symbols really stupidly. Loyalists attack and hate on opposition symbols; that is just the way it is. Even overseas soccer fans have hated and clashed in hatred of sports rivals. Hate is a way of life unfortunately.

And people are trained to be passionate. A former President famously hated brussel sprouts. Some youth have expressed hatred of lima beans. Advertising and video programming present strong emotion as a virtue. Performers of songs need to seem passionate and persuasive. Advertisers want people to emotionally react to symbols and labels, products and items that can be purchased as emotionally as possible so they would love to buy it. Who make ugly but efficient cars? Cars are as attractive as possible and used to be sold with attractive women sensuously caressing the car as the object of desire.

So Americans should be trained not to be too emotional if they want to avoid the paradigm of hate crimes written in to federal law. One can like one’s home town sports team and mildly dislike the traditional rivals just a little bit. Hating them is out of the question though. I am sure at least the Democrat Party has eliminated hate of any sort of symbols from their collective behavior patternology (some hate words with the ology ending).