Like Churchill, Trump is Candid With Brits

President Trump is providing a lesson to British politicians in candor and plain truth about the Brexit issue this week. They can use it unable as they are to get beyond “polishing the turd” on exit tactic planning.

President Trump gifted Brit PM Theresa May with a plain public line about the U.S. response to her wishy-washy half-backed plan to remain in the EU though not of it and thinking she could also have the U.S. free trade special relationship cake and eat it too.

President Trump’s analysis of the prevailing Brexit plan that Brit foreign minister Boris Johnson resigned over in effect kicked the turd into the gutter.

British politicians are comfortable with byzantine bureaucratic treachery rather than plain talk. U.S. politicians are just indolent, backward thinking and incomprehending about reform parameters necessary to renormalize economic policy with ecospheric and security criteria. On both sides of the Atlantic they just want to have a freezer full of cash without accountability.  British artful hatred of American democracy and its executive leadership