Imperialist Arabs Responsible for EU Terrorism?

So far as I know, Arab imperialism, if such can be said to exist without an empire, might be attributed to ISIS that sought to create a Caliphate. Terrorism against Europe wasn’t a good idea as it was bad P.R. for ISIS obviously,yet Arab terrorists have traditionally targeted European soft targets for numerous reasons, all of which were bad.

Britain passed the Balfour Mandate that got Zionist aspirations firmed up. Terrorism against Britain has been a long-term policy of terrorists therefore. The jihad by the *mufsidoon* against Christian nations tended to be a neo-populist movement to increase Arab prestige, first by the Muslim Brotherhood and offshoots that hated anyone including Europeans that supported the creation of Israel with U.N. resolution 242. Arnold Toynbee wrote about Islam as being a rival civilization to Western Civilization. Like the Nazi werewolves after the end of the Second World War or as John Wilkes Booth and certain die-hard confederates after the American Civil War some Muslims dream of the glory days when they were attacking Europe on all fronts except the Arctic, and victory.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Hamin al-Huseini was as much of a collaborator with Hitler as he could be. He was “*the leader of Palestinian nationalism before and after the war*”.

There is a long association of anti-Jewish terrorists with Germany indirectly that shared similar opinions about Jews and Zionists. I am not sure that the distribution of contemporary Muslim terrorism on Europe occurs as often in former axis powers as it does in former allied nations.

Muslim terrorism rather than just Arab terrorism; for they must be said to differ since the House of Saud has sponsored Wahhabist Mosque’s in Europe that tend to support terrorists yet probably hasn’t perped state terrorism itself directly. Palestinian terrorism isn’t synonymous with Arab terrorism, and some of the ISIS terrorists that moved into Syria and Mosul were disaffected people from all over the world as well as pro terrorist mercenaries rather than just Arabs from, for example, Riyadh.

Europe has some fairly loose security and immigration policies developed when the population didn’t have much to worry about from international refugees and terrorists form outside Europe flooding in. European policy still hasn’t upgraded its attitude toward external challenges and neither has the American left.

Not only should Europe and the United States develop more secure frontiers, they should increase direct investment in poor African countries. In 2015 direct foreign investment in those nations was about a half a trillion dollars. That sounds like a lot yet amidst such a large chunk of the global population it isn’t.

Direct foreign investment by the first world in the third world or second world shouldn’t resemble colonialism nor be primarily to the advantage of corrupt leaders that share nothing with average citizens. A proactive ecological economic foreign vestment policy needs leadership from governments; yet they can’t really even accomplish that for their own nations (ecological economics or a reformed, egalitarian capitalism).

Poor education, desperation, jealousy and the primitive desire for expropriation of land and wealth are reason why terrorist attack Europe. The EU does have a lot of godless, atheists of course and that also helps draw Muslim radicals with the traditional Dar al harb paradigm in mind.