Mueller Dirt Drift Mining Has Solid Prospects to November

  Special Investigator Robert Mueller commissioned to look for possible Trump ties to Russian agents helping him to get elected (most U.S. politicians look to Russia {where lives Prince Vladimir the Elector} instead of people like Paul Manafort for election help) is doing his best to find enough dirt to keep negative GOP headlines going into the news propaganda machine. Recently SI Mueller subpoenaed a former New York madame who was involved in the Elliot Pulitzer tragedy. Theoretically there is a chance that she knew of illicit ties (not sm) of prostitutes to Donald Trump or Trump beneficiaries of sex related services traded on the will-provide—for-favors sex market of that fair city (allegedly).

Paul Manafort is being held in the dungeon under the torture chamber of Warwick Castle of Bostonshire.

 The nation may be shocked that prostitution occurs in New York City or is alleged to have occurred. It was supposed to happen in Boston or Las Vegas in notorious districts of ill repute- and the President lives far from Las Vegas yet too close to Boston although Russian agents have been observed in Harry Reed’s home state.

If the President has had any sort of association with the New York sex activity scene undercover agents should infiltrate that and discover any potential leads to Russian agents. Already SI Mueller’s agents have broken into the office of the President’s former lawyer and seized tapes of Presidential conversations with his personal attorney with the permission of a court warrant. It is reported that the two discussed payments to a playboy bunny. The attorney with sufficient coercion appears to have flipped and betrayed the President’s trust. Yet the main damage is to the concept of the security and trustworthiness of the attorney-client privilege. Muller has demonstrated that anything said to one’s personal lawyer can and will be held against you in a court of creative, disingenuous law.