NFL Players May Continue Anti-Nation Protests

The Democrat Party’s racist, anti-American platform that’s for Mexican takeover of all the U.S. states with good independent house repainting prospects apparently has continuing support from NFL players down with the NFL’s we hate the U.S.A. and white people- take a knee during the national anthem, protests.

The National Football League take-a-knee protest is a symbol of anti-nationalism. The NFL hates the nation or some people in it. They are not protesting the low, low taxes on their high pay for play.

NFL viewer numbers were down last year because of the protests against the U.S.A. and a white male President from the GOP being elected to the Presidency. If the take-a-knee during the national anthem protests continue, the number of people paying to watch the games probably will decrease further.

NFL players arrive through Universities that have given scholarships to jocks, and that is implicitly corrupt. Scholarships should go to scholars, and Jockships to jocks. Keep in mind that women wanting equality with men demand an equal number of ‘scholarships’ for jocks thereby doubling down the corruption of American educations. Jockships could be awarded of course, yet how many of those should be granted by public Universities? There is no scholarly logic for it. Neither is there logic for Jockships for women other than through the gender equality road and pleasure principle. Biologically studs want to show their stuff to impress impregnable females while women, alternatively, have no need of a Jockship to become impregnated. No scholastic logic anyway.

Who really cares though if the NFL bites the dust eventually? The NFL is full of hyper-aggressive physical types that save the public the cost of sending them to prison for assault on ordinary people. Those hyper-aggressive individuals incur brain damage running their helmeted heads into one another and that may be a good thing as it shortens their life spans and keeps them out of public affairs with their brain-damaged minds.

If they were all Christians and peacefully disposed toward studying philosophy when not training for space exploration missions they would not be in the NFL. As it is, if even half of the players volunteered as reserve soldiers training for special forces war missions their protests could be taken as something more than as stylized hip expressions of brain damaged empty-headed, over-paid thugs with nothing better to do.