It Isn’t Racist to Not Lump the Mid-East into Asia

Apparently land east of the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea is regarded as Asian. Indian is Asian yet not so as it is a sub-continent. American farmers might think of India as India, yet Thailand as somewhere in Asia. China is regarded a a great soy bean consumer yet also Asian.

Japan while being Asian is slipping away to a status equivalent to that of England that is European yet independent from it. There is no American racism regarding Japanese island of origin over more northerly or southerly Japanese islands, though some Americans regard Hokkaido as more rugged and wilderness oriented.

Increasingly, perhaps amid the sophisticated urbanites of too expensive to live in cities, Stan nations are considered Muslim countries rather than Asian with the possible exception of Turkmenistan that because of the eponym is associated with the near-east state of Turkish people that have persecuted Armenians, Serbs and Kurds and supported the Eurasian nation of Germany in the First World War.

Australia is ineluctably considered to be Asian and its people though mostly of proto-Caucasian or Caucasian ancestry, Asian. The famous actor from Australia Mel Gibson, though playing a Scot with an Australian accent in the movie Braveheart is regarded as being of Asian origin though he was ostensibly at least born in New York. There was no birther controversy about that.