$34 Billion Fed Support of Coal and Nuclear Power Isn’t a Jest

President Trump should directly end the Dept. of Energy’s silly, troll-like plan to give the coal and nuclear power industries $34 billion. Neither industry is good for national security (unless nuclear winter happens). One is a target for terrorists and unfriendly states that would poison the nation for hundreds of years and catalyze promotion of civilian casualties, the other is a direct assault on the viability of the oceans for sustaining sea life and global warming of the atmosphere besides.

President Trump as a forward looking guy who supports a moon base and fast space establishment for humanity should not be backward looking on energy. Being an innovative leader is what made America great (one of the factors) and other nations follow the lead. Being a leader in retreat and stagnation instead of reinforcing green energy technology and urban infrastructure that is sustainable and reduces cost of energy just buys bad public relations.

Don’t revive the decaying corpse of coal and nuclear power Mr. President; and leave the high Arctic of Alaska free as possible from the devastating destruction of fossil fuel footprints.


The volatility of oil and its use in political social conflicts internationally is reason enough to go solar and ditch the fossil fuels. Until someone monopolizes the sky or can put cloud cover in it solar power will be hard to use in trade embargos