At the Front in the Trade War

Finding themselves at the front line in the trade war Americans are good soldiers and beginning to dig in. They have e-tools and look for bargains on-line.

I think some people are tired of the way it is in world trade, with the ossification of the usual practices and wealth being concentrated, so shaking things up a bit isn’t terribly unwelcome. President Trump’s interventions won’t affect things nearly as badly as just one terrorist incident, 9–11, did, to keep things in perspective, and it may do some good.

Many people like having a player comfortable with business get jiggy with global economics to see what falls out.

Farmers deserve some federal support if anyone does since they produce the nation’s food largely (although the Communists have the largest American pig farm and produce much pork for America and I am not sure if the U.S. Government should directly subsidize the Communist Chinese government with farm aid).

IMO the President should get legislation to make it illegal to make ordinances that don’t let home owners or renters have gardens instead of lawns. He should also form a national soy bean research and develop council to find ways to make new products and have the government buy up surplus soy and convert it to free school lunch health foods.