US and EU GMO Posture

Corporate farming has preponderantly taken over in the U.S.A. G.M.O.’s tend to increase crop yield and that is profitable. With the vast right-wing farm agricultural production of the United States the money motive trumps certain concerns of a green nature.

Europe produces far less food than the United States and the political demography of several nations with generally socialist, and leftists sentiments reinforces green food content for prosperous, stylistic consumers. Producing designer food for green consumers may be profitable for Europeans too.

Genetically modified organisms are a worry yet humanity generally is killing the ecosphere as it keeps its eyes of the prizes of comfort and consumption without sufficient political or economic philosophical reasoning about making a better world ecospherically rather than continuing to degrade it.

Since ethics generally default toward sin and licentiousness it would be surprising if G.M.O.s did not pervade the human species itself eventually.