Soy Subs for Broke Brit Brexit Food Supply

Since China helpfully tariff’d away its U.S. soy imports Britain’s challenged with potential food supply issues from a broken Brexit has a ready, cheap source of high-quality protein from the U.S.A. available for acquisition.

Soy is a vast right-wing vegetable protein useful in myriad food products. British technical scientific researches can probably convert soy into the new Spam of foods to stand beside conventional, traditional Spam and discover new ways to combine it with fruits and nuts into candies with extended shelf lives. Adding soy to the 49% food supply produced in Britain should cover the gap for some time-until locally grown intense mari and polyculture increase food productivity.

Soy is a fundamental food available in great quantity and easy to ship in bulk. Soy warehousing could be made in temporary tensioned-membrane domes for thousands and thousands of tons of bulk soy powder.