Russian-Facebook Collusion in Anti-National Anthem Symbolism?

Special Investigator Mueller should look into the anti-national anthem disrespect of NFL player and NBA players to determine if the activities were catalyzed or planned with Russian collusion. Have any Russians attended NFL games or been observed in NBA games? Did any leaders of the anti national anthem knee taking activities travel to Moscow or know Russian sleeper agents?

LeBron James, N.B.A. superstar, has shown the blindness of racism in choosing to blame President Trump for the idiotic N.F.L. anti-American knee-taking during the national anthem. President Trump did not start that godless, evil anti-American protest that so many former NFL viewers hate.

LeBron demonstrated why pro athletes are radically over-paid contributing nothing to society besides entertainment. The super-rich can moon the U.S.A. during the national anthem and President Trump is to blame. Kolin Kapernikus started sitting or taking a knee during the national anthem in August-September 2016 months before the November election.

James believes the President is using sports to divide America. Apparently he believes Americans should hate the U.S.A. as much as he or the N.F.L. does, if one interprets hate as meaning disrespecting the national anthem for an agenda of super-rich sports celebrities.

Rich biological entities with no apparent loyalty to the nation are worse that yippees; they are a fifth column of ‘we are the world’ globalists with various agendas of racism, plutocracy and aristocratic tendencies.  Many Americans care about democracy and the nation for it’s all they have. They are not post-jet set globe trotters with no concern for a nation-in-particular.