Mueller Probe with Foreign Collusion?

The Mueller Probe itself could have been designed by Vladimir Putin’s special political theorists in order to hinder the U.S. President and hinder his reform of government. As unlikely as it seems it is possible. How many Democrats in Congress have puppet masters in the Kremlin these days?

Russian agents might have stimulated the concept of a special prosecutor for President Trump on Facebook and other social media as well as supporting various divisive political issues and persons along the lines of their program to throw accelerants on U.S. political issues. Americans would never do that to any other country, so they have a hard time figuring out the true dimensions of Russian manipulation of social media for political purposes.

In the midst of their shock over Russian control of the remote control too many have forgotten that there might be another nation besides Russia that has a remote control pointed at U.S. social media.

British collusion with the Clinton campaign and the F.B.I. axis of espionage nominally appears likely.