Communist-Anarchist Antifa Attack Street Conservatives Again (in Portland)

Ad hoc Communist-anarchist gangsters in Portland (not the broadcast media) along with other opponents of free speech and civil rights for others besides themselves harassed and tried to intimidate a peaceful street-conservative rally. People lawfully assembled should be free to march or meet without abuse from masked goons. The United States tolerates dissent and free expression of dissent. Antifa, imperialists, corporatists and Democrat Party affiliates try to suppress it.

Antifa are willing tools of global imperialism and the most rich. The people they conflict with are mostly the poor and lower middle class. Those people are the second generation of poor and middle class white guys that have been socially and economically degraded by federal laws including affirmative action for females, non-whites and homos, and by loose border security that has flooded the nation with illegal workers undermining domestic labor. Those people have been kicked around for nearly 50 years and encounter the results of affirmative action on the street. Some of those people inevitably will peacefully assemble to express dissatisfaction, having few political alternatives with a Democrat party become a British imperialist treason annex.

Antifa is not protesting the concentration of wealth; they are simply idiotic goon-tools attacking Americans. A video of Alex Jones’ Infowars captured some of the misdemeanor.