Pay Per Click in the China Trade War

PPC means pay per click. The Chinese government has already suggested that pay per click promotion be limited to 30% of search engine page results for search engines like Baidu.


While Facebook recently avoided being skunked entirely in China by buying up a local proxy, it remains largely outside the vast left-wing Chinese market. China has required that foreign corporations establishing in China allow the state to own a 51% share. I don’t know how that would work with Multi-national corporations and/or Internet corporations like Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg already has a Chinese wife who may be his better, 51% half. Maybe that counts.


Foreign search engines working in China might need to sell half of their shares to China and then allow government censorship of content as well as full access to the company database as majority shareholders. I think the sanctions or trade tariffs of the trade war will have little effect on long term trends on capitalists of the west’s tendencies to sell Communists the ropes to hang them with.