Southern Poverty Law Center; An Emergent Extremist Organization

I wonder about the Southern Poverty Law Center being an extremist organization using words and target listing of individuals in an attempt to socially marginalize them. Alex Jones, Bo Gritz and Gary Demar all made the list with Alex Jones being listed first on the list of 129 extremist individuals. American individuals should be free from organizational social terrorism.

Sure the Southern Poverty Law Center includes numerous people that probably deserve being listed, yet I suppose they also omit numerous people and  organizations including ANTIFA, because they are leftist or communist.

Alex Jones reports on an important side of current events and social structure the establishment usually ignores. The 1% concentrating wealth is not an illusion. The Democrat Party is deaf, dumb, blind and stupid these days in working as hard as they can to destroy the heritage of national independence and self-reliance so far as possible. They are shop stewards working for the rich as leaders of a company-owned union. The broadcast media is owned by that 1% establishment- it isn’t imaginary.

A good Canadian philosopher named John Sauls published a book on corporatism in contemporary society in 1999 named The Unconscious Civilization. I don’t believe he has written another book on that topic since. I recall him writing someplace that he had a family to take care of. Corporatism can shut anything down just like Muslim theocracy, imperialism and communism can.

SPLC appears to have left a semblance of neutrality and objectivity these days being so far removed from the 1960s and later when there were actually numerous groups perping violence that required tracking. SPLC could include CNN and the Washington Post these days and possible the Governor of New York on the list of extremists if they wanted to be objective. Throwing in powerful political bullshit in with the genuine articles degrades the credibility and reputation of SPLC. They aren’t Elie Wiesel Inc.