Ways for the President to Obstruct Justice

If President Trump were to stand atop a black SUV parked at the Special Investigator Mueller headquarters and flail his arms about all akimbo imitating Bernie Sanders that would help.

Additionally he could order the Post Office to open all mail going to the Mueller H.Q. and complete copy everything to a hidden unsecured email server linked to Siberian interests working for special Beijing parties.

President Trump could order tire locking devices placed on cars driven by Democrats on the Supreme Court.

Image credit; White House staff

Obstructing justice would plainly occur if President Trump ordered a black helicopter extraction and exfiltration of former aide to The Donald Paul Manafort from his present dungeon.

President Trump could issue an executive order to modernize the calendar retro and pro-actively and reset the year to the year counting from when Donald Trump was born. Then he could say it is not possible that he did anything to obstruct justice in 2016 since that year won’t exist for something less than 2000 years.

If President Trump knew a priori that there were Russians in Washington D.C. and did not tell the Washington Post he would be over-the-line on obstruction of Justice. At least the public has confidence that Special Investigator Mueller will sort it all out.