A Course on Russian Governance and Public Policy (free)

For those interested in Russian governance and public policy as they are today, from a Russian professorial point of view as taught at St. Petersburg University for Coursera (where there are hundreds or thousands of free college-level courses from Universities around the world), this course of six weeks length is starting soon.


It is incredible that the ‘professionals’ at state and elsewhere in government can’t ever work things out so they work smoothly- even after all the work Reagan put into it. Maybe they should learn more about Russia today; as should the public, since the media isn’t trustworthy at all- nor several of the major internet platforms.

The United States rates an 8 of 10 score on the polity series of democracy vs dictatorship in nations with more than a half million people. Russia got a 5 rating, like Ukraine. Canada got a 10 as did the U.K., though it has a technical royal aristocracy lurking in the background, while Canada has legal dope and homosexual marriage indicating that the polity authors may approve of sin as tests for democracy. Maybe corporatism and Internet tricks to provide content before being banned, purged or expropriated is part of the reason the U.S. is not rated a top-notch democracy.


Polity IV