Governance Restructuring and F.I.D.E. Issues

Why is it that F.I.D.E. can’t be a web-based transparent agency with transparent processes for official business? A systems analyst and web designer with some accounting and networking consults should be able to construct a working, practical template fairly easily. One could still have a President, yet especially anything financial ought to be publicly transparent on-line.

Sometimes it can be useful to go about restructuring organizations so they function well. The Russian Federation has challenges like that. They have a Super-President with extraordinary powers as well as a constitutional government and partly elected officials. They too could upgrade and will need to do so in order to provide a good example of a transparent on-line democratic system of governance.

If Alpha-Zero or Stockfish were as poorly organized as F.I.D.E. they would have a rating about 1150 with annual blunders eternally recurring and hyper-dimensional one way communications to aliens.

I discovered a free college course about Russian Governance and Public Policy from St. Petersburg State University via that has hundreds of free college courses from around the globe, and learned of something of the nature of challenges that Russia has today.