Instant Historical Revisionism Purging INFOWARS

When major video content platforms take down content posted by the public that has been viewed and linked in many other webpages because they have banned it as using hate speech, they in effect create instant historical revisionism. Deleting from the present the historical content of producers with divergent political points of view from the most rich corporations such as Apple is something even people with a minor in history don’t like.

I don’t like big gaps in the history of what went before as if it never existed. All of Alex Jones’ old content should remain and a ban if it must be used should apply to new stuff. Then reality would be keep with a semblance of integrity. To simply cut it out and erase very influential elements of social reality is evil. 

The Congress should expropriate funds going to NPR and reallocate them to start a new public back-up of posts content that would keep a permanent record of items posted on social media that the posters want backed up. Then history could at least be conserved, and people of the future could get some idea of the true social media content of the past rather than sanitized versions allowed by Apple, YouTube and Facebook.