FDR’s Econ WMD for the Deep State

The President cannot coup against himself. He is already leader of the state, and rather deeply at that. Yet he may still be an outsider; something to consider at least. The military too is an outsider and an inappropriate coup tool for the target parameter of the deep state.

If Harvard and Yale Illuminati Ivy Leaguers have deep pockets equivalent to a deep state because they control all the appointees to the Supreme Court, State and so forth, and if they meet now and then in the Bohemian Grove or in Trilateral Commissions or whatever, the purge of those people could be accomplished only with an increase on the tax rate to 90% for the upper 10% of earners in the nation. If it’s all about money and the deep state owns the media and everything else and everyone else is paying rent in one way or another to the deep state, the appropriate coup tool is the F.D.R. tax policy- a super-weapon of deep state economic mass destruction that needs to be used with discretion at the right moment by a President and leaders with impeccable warrior non-socialist character for reform of capitalism and ecospheric economic policy. Donald Trump just doesn’t have that Ceasarish disposition for-himself.