Chris Hedges and Socialist Fears/Hopes of National Collapse are Wrong

Chris Hedges’ writing is that of a disgruntled socialist who is seeing the nation through the rouge colored glasses of Karl Marx. He believes capitalism has sewn the seeds of its own destruction, and he is waiting with baited breath so the new world socialist order can emerge Phoenix-like from the ashes. There isn’t anything original about any of that.

Fundamentally he misunderstands economics and history as well as eschatology, and is affiliated with the PC USA that is an apostate church approving the sin of homosexuality and homosexual marriage as accepted church doctrine. No serious Christian would do that.

He probably means well, yet he hasn’t a clue about how to reform things. He calls himself a Christian anarchist and might get along with Pearl Jam and even apocalypticists with incorrect pre-millennial eschatology (post-millennialism is true).

Chris Hedges apparently doesn’t know what corporatism is or how it unifies with socialism and communism. He senses something is wrong with the left and he is correct in the feeling yet wrong about the diagnosis. Democrat Party leaders and socialists are just playthings of the 1%. The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany (NAZIs) were an early model of corporatism- a political philosophy invented by the Italian fascist Mussolini).

The world may have an ecospheric apocalypse yet that isn’t the Christian one that actually occurred in the 1st century as Jesus foretold it would. Survivors will go on in space and on Earth in some numbers. It is possible to reform capitalism and just scale back the size and concentration of wealth and power; F.D.R. invented the weapon of mass destruction for monopolistic capitalism and it is called the 90% tax rate. Patent duration should be reduced to three years with 10% royalties for inventors thereafter. There should be free public higher education and a guaranteed minimum income so that all have some capital to work with and are never broke. Businesses should be screened for low impact on the environment and businesses should be limited to 20,000 employees. The ecosphere should be regreened and replanted, fossil fuel vehicles and roads mostly banned and replaced by electric power lines and electric platforms. Everything should be reformed and renewed. The economic and government paradigm is two centuries old minimally. Socialism is a complete waste of time though and just wants to keep things as they are yet completely bureaucratized and redistributed with maximum social entropy.

It’s fine to reform capitalism and even the U.S.constitution to limit the size and power of organizations. Corporations didn’t exist when the constitution was written by James Madison.

If the United States financially collapses one day it probably will be suffered most by the remaining middle class and poor that have invested everything they have in this nation. The concentrated wealth owners of Wall Street will have already diversified their portfolios internationally, so it is in the interests of the people of the United States to begin a measured and steady program of reform to make things better than they are.