That Vile, Hated Political Party

America’s two-party political system gives voters the chance every two years to decide who and what they hate and to vote against the vile party they hate more. In 2016 voters hated Democrat Party policies more than Republican and so President Trump was elected and the Republican majority returned to Congress. Many voters hate Democrats more now than in 2016, and that’s a little unusual. Democrats have abandoned a national party agenda for the mid-term as a clever strategy to keep a low target profile for voters to hate. Yet they know and hate those Democrat Party planks anyway.

The U.S.A. is a nation with equal opportunity, non-discriminatory political hate. Democrats hate Donald Trump even more than Republicans hated Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. In America, politically speaking, the nation is living the dream.

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  1. The two parties establish the allowed limits of US political thought by defining the boundaries of the political left and right. The fractionalization and polar opposition created leaves both ends more interested in demoralizing and demonizing the other that the real issues are not addressed. This circumstance creates a never ending spectacle of political gamesmanship that makes sure the real issues and real debate are never engaged in. It’s a spectacle of distraction.
    The homeless need homes, the hungry need food, the sick need medicine, but the system itself is only interested in blaming the other and not in soulution….playing the people for fools!


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