Alt History if Germany Got an Armistice in 1945

Armistice instead of unconditional surrender? Why in the world would that have happened? World War One ended with an armistice. Patton said that was a great mistake at the time. Without fighting to the point of Germany’s unconditional surrender, World War Two was inevitable. The ground was set for the rise of the Nazis to replace the lost aristocrats against which Germans had revolted for leading them into the first world war with a failing outcome.

There was no way at all that the Second World War could have been concluded with an armistice that would have allowed Nazi scientists to finish projects like jet fighters and nuclear bombs. The paradigm of armistice is too bizarre to realistically consider. Even so; here is what would have occurred; all of Europe would have been in the communist block after the Soviets conquered England while the United States withdrew all of its forces so as not to get in the way. The twenty million Americans that had served in the war could have had illegal aliens do their heavy lifting work and legal dope and homo marriage to queer society with and forgot about war and conflict that are known in California to be stress inducers.