Were Clintons More Honest Than Michael Cohen?

I wondered if the Clintons were more ethical at practicing law than Michael Cohen. Ever since F.D.R. used law like silly putty as a lawyer, Presidents with law degrees have tended to feel the law is there’s to finesse. When a lawyer is President it’s as if there were a civil and criminal trial and just one side was represented in court; the lawyer-President’s side. So they tend to go way too far with expropriating the powers of other branches regarding interpreting law and cutting corners.

None of the items that Special Democrat Prosecutor Mueller’s federal co-conspirators got Cohen to plead guilty to had the word ‘Russian’ in it. Initially that was what the task force was put together to investigate. Maybe half the lawyers on Wall Street and in D.C. if grilled like Cohen with their law offices being ransacked too by federal agents, could be convicted of something I would guess.


President Trump is innocent until charged with something besides maybe giving a porn star money not to talk about theoretical sex with candidate Trump. John Edwards paid a lot to keep an affair quiet when he ran for President against Hillary and was shot down. None dared called that treason, an illegal use of campaign funds or even a crime of passion. Wealth and power attract the wrong kind of women- like flies seeking to land on what is for them, their ultimate good; rotten, do-oothing dead meat.