Mueller May Think Trump Org CFO Has the Right Stuff

(disclaimer- I have applied an element of humor in this essay and hence disavow about everything in it).

Special Investigator Mueller of the probe to determine if President Trump as candidate colluded with Russians to influence the election; in particular if the candidate cooperated with Russian hackers to get the dirt on Hillary’s phone and computer files or those of the Democrat national committee, has given immunity to the Chief Financial Officer of Donald Trumps private business organization. While Mueller did management to work to get President Trump’s personal lawyer con victed of eight different non-violent crimes, none of that had anything to do with Russia. I wonder if the look into the President’s personal business that does not have any obvious relationship to Russia or collusion, is a good precedent to set. Can’t any future President have a years long investigation into their personal business interests to distract them while in office, on the basis of mostly partisan accusations of something or other, involving collusion or political influence dirty tricks?

Why not look in depth into the members of the Supreme Court and their financial and personal business affairs for two or three years, every five years. With Rep. Duncan Hunter’s recent indictment the need for Homeland Security to establish a more KGB-like 2nd Directorate to investigate and ferret out the truth of all federal level politicians is emerging. Who knows which are politicans are really loyal to the nation and which have deep foreign collusions? Without torture of the COngress and the President how can the truth really be found out?

The U.S. Congress and Supreme Court should have subdural surveillance chips with gps tracking and audio recording devices that could go into the 2nd Directorate of Homeland Security that would be removed after the politician’s term of office is over. Democrats will sign off on the plan for the President right now. So the Party should get on it while it’s hot.