Did Soviet Collusion Take Down ‘The Hot One’

What collusion kept the best can of shaving crème ever invented off the U.S. market? In the 1970s Gillette invented The Hot One. It was chemically formulated to become self-heating shaving foam upon emerging from the can. It was a brilliant improvement in shaving- especially in cold weather. It was available for less than a year then disappeared from U.S. shelves. There were rumors about why it disappeared.

The legends said that all of the other producers of shaving cream made an ultimatum to stores and suppliers that if they allowed The Hot One to be shelved and sold they would not sell any of their other products to the stores. It was a grand conspiracy or at least total collusion to prevent the best product for shaving since the razor blade off the market. If Special Investigator Mueller wanted to contribute anything worthwhile and lastingly useful for the people of the United States that shave he would investigate and explain what happened to The Hot One and include that in the report on Russian collusion.

I saw a few cans of The Hot One on the shelves of the Hudson Bay store in Whitehorse Canada in 1990. Yet on might next trip through the Yukon it was gone. The best shaving product in decades was erased as completely as Alex Jones’ Prison Planet from the public social product media.

One might wonder how the Russians were involved in the disappearance of The Hot One or if the former Soviet Union’s 3rd Directorate special products collusion division choose to work with corporate America to ban The Hot One in order to destroy American faith in free enterprise and capitalism and instead to promote communist socialist values; slowly molding Americans or the future decades into a wrong belief that free enterprise could not produce a self-heating shaving cream.

Special Investigator Mueller might determine if Gillette is selling The Hot One to Russians. It is a cold country and The Hot One would sell like hotcakes to the starving there. If The Hot One is not being sold in Russia, President Trump could leaver Russia to relinquish claims in Ukraine to any land west of the Dnepr River in exchange for release of The Hot One for sale in Russian markets. The Hot One potentially could influence the results of the next election in Russia; for any candidate the can claim to have liberated Russia from cold shaving with The Hot One is likely to be regarded as  a hero.