A Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Calculations in Eco-Resource Use Optimizing

If A.I. can be programmed to find the best and most efficient use of natural resources on a planet for human use and optimal survivability sustainability that would be useful. The Moon, Mars and Earth are obvious places to develop artificial intelligence programs to consider quantities, qualities, and synthetic recombinations of resources.

The questions of property ownership aside, since they tend to negate theoretical calculations concerning the optimal configurations of mass in a finite space, lifeless planets and moons that have known inventories of resources including gravity and mass convertible into energy, volume and surface area as well as minerals could well be examined by artificial intelligence to provide scenarios of the best possible uses comparable in some respects to the move calculations of chess engines yet also finding synthetic structures and combination-patterns for resources extraction over-time.  https://medium.com/applied-data-science/alphago-zero-explained-in-one-diagram-365f5abf67e0

One might innovate innumerable design scenarios from which to select a line of moon or planetary development or at least better understand the possible most-efficient and effective line paradigms for development.