Army Considers Paradigmata of Future War

The Army has created a new four-star command to address the future of war in light of all of the technological and surveillance advances as well as weapons. It may look at cyber-kinetic issues of coordinated civil and military terror gradations though systems infrastructure interdiction and seek to apply risk management concepts.

War through other means is an inversion of conventional military applications to seize what resources politicians desire when the conventional approaches aren’t feasible because of power asymmetry. Mass civil illegal immigration may accomplish what a military invasion could not in conquering a democracy. The threat of globalist takeover of American politics through foreign social media interaction with ubiquitous foreign opposition political opinions comprise a clear and present accelerant on destructive domestic political trends that synergize with illegal immigration in undermining national citizen security and primacy over foreign interests within the United States.

It is an interesting development that the United States needs to balance the civil rights of citizens and equal protection of the law for visitors and foreign legal residents with free speech on an Internet that is pervasively dominated by foreign opinions about U.S. political and social concerns that functionally are treated as of equal value with American. The next war may arrive in one of several forms ranging from conventional to technologically tactical and subtly insidious sabotage. It may as well be like a myocardial infarction persisting over weeks or months with previous sclerotic buildup in national self-interest arteries through broadcast media collusion with foreign powers.