Kopernikus Leads NFL Battle for Socialist Realism

Karlos the Jackal Kopernikus is suing the NFL for collusion to keep him from leading protests against the nation and the President of the United States during the national anthem. NFL players and college athletes that aren’t drafted and given multi-year, multi-million  dollar contracts are victimized by the collusion of NFL team owners from playing.

Some NFL team owners may have been in contact with Russian agents such as Buffy the Lumbago Slayer from Potchinsk Region Districkt of Siber eeah. NFL owners are counter-reactionary force receiving special consultation from Buffy on how to repress socialist workers player utopia from NFL.

With good workers utopia all NFL players can receive equal pay for equal one-hour clock work every Sunday Womday playing pro footsie ball. NFL owners want make big profit and collude to gouge fans with high ticket prices. Kopernikus lead resistance fork thapt.