PV Siding Supply for Home Exteriors is Where?

I Googled it and it was hard to locate. CSEM has some colored siding photo voltaic panels with a glossy visual yet there is nothing about where to buy building siding that collects sunshine for home electricity. With a few minutes of internet search using any term I could think of I found no listings at all for building siding useful for collecting electricity.

So someone has an old home and wants to put new siding on it to make it look modern. And they want to collect whatever sunshine they can to make electricity. Some sides of a home may not receive direct sunlight, so pv siding should be of two kinds that look the same and yet sell for two different prices; one is an electricity producing panel and the other a dummy that is less than half price and is used on ‘dark’ areas of the home.

They may even want to work-it-for-themself and nail it right over the old building exterior. Where are the products for sale in the U.S.A.?

Why can’t one drive to Home Depot or Lowe’s and fill up a truck with solar pv building siding presently? Is this the later days of the Neanderthal building construction era where everyone wants central power authority to run lines to their home so Fred and Barnie can have work?

The panels should have nice shapes and resemble the most modern metal siding that can be nailed up (or screwed). It should be a simple production issue; doesn’t require anything brilliant.