Homo Conversion Freudian Therapy in California Shouldn’t Be Banned

The ban of minors from conversion therapy in California seems to have been a ban too far, extending into the realm of state thought control. If parents or minors want to have some sort of therapeutic counselling the state ought not be allowed to make that illegal. The state should not be free to bully minors into a queer corner without the prospect for professional anti-state, straight professional counselling.

Of course Democrats do tend to want to extend the power of government so far that it is like that of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union. They would decree want is permissible and isn’t in private lives. Why Democrats could reason that abortion is covered by the right to privacy and psychological counselling is not is a mystery to me.

What is conversion therapy. It might be known in the state of California to be something like what John McCain went through in the Hanoi Hilton that was done to compel victims to recant their heretical beliefs and abominable practices. On the other hand, it might be something like Freudian psychotherapy for adults and minors that explores in a relaxed setting the history and causality of behavior for the edification of the patient participating in a voyage of personal discovery. While the former and electroshock to the genitals might rightly be banned, the latter should not. 

Fundamentally psychological counseling is not a crime. It is not a crime for adults nor for minors. It should not be subject to criminal sanctions except where it is used to perpetrate crimes.

There are innumerable methods of psychological counseling and nuanced approaches to understanding behavior. Discovering what is true and correct for an individual including minor individuals is a part of the process of correcting wrong and abnormal behavior.

There probably is no actual physical test for homosexuality as an implicit condition of an individual that is accurate. If there is no concise physical evaluative medical way to diagnose a minor as homosexual, then it is simply false and injurious to the minor to claim that he or she cannot possibly benefit from counseling to determine his or her actual sexual nature and to correct any maladjustments that may have been caused through mal-socialization environmentally or circumstantially put upon the youth.

A wikipedia article leads off with a declamation that ” conversion therapy is a pseudoscience”…. and goes on to describe something just less than the methods of the Spanish Inquisition. That is an example of the extreme lengths that homosexuals have gone to advance a political and social hegemony that deforms the legal system and supports the degradation of U.S. civil liberties and equal protection of the law.

There is a very real possibility that youth that reasonably should not even be sexually active, have been influenced by an adverse social environment or molestation to engage in homosexual activities. They may have been as brainwashed as the late Senator John McCain was to collaborate with enemy political forces, although the late Senator resisted the North Vietnamese successfully and the Democrat Party less so. It is wrong for Democrats to ban the rescues of youth from the power of homosexual propaganda and malign influence and to restore them to a hetero normal personal experience of being and time.